To participate in an auction, regardless of the modality you choose, it is essential to identify yourself with your ID, CIF or passport, and provide a photocopy either physically or by e-mail.

In the event of making a bid, the client/buyer accepts the general terms and conditions of the Sales Room.

The modalities to bid are: written offer, telephone offer, online offer and in person.

Offer in writing

To make a written offer you must complete the following form.

In this case, Sala De Ventas will be your representative during the auction, and will defend your bid for the maximum amount indicated in your written offer. Sala De Ventas will award the lots at the resulting auction price.

In the case of having two equal offers, the bid that has been previously admitted will be prioritized.

The admission of written bids ends at 13:00 hours on the day of the auction.

Offer by telephone

To make an offer by phone, you must fill out the following form either physically or by telephone, the Sala De Ventas staff will attend you personally. You must indicate your willingness to participate by telephone in the auction.

During the auction, and at the time of bidding for the lot concerned, the Sala De Ventas staff will contact you for the corresponding follow up and enabling you to bid whatever you consider.

This modality is only possible for the batches whose exit price is equal to or greater than 500 euros.

The admission of bids by phone ends at 13:00 hours on the day of the auction.

Internet offer

Sala de Ventas presents the possibility of bidding on the auction in real time through the Internet via online platforms, which you can connect from our website.

Attending the auction – Present offers

Once you arrive at the auction, you must register at the reception where you will be given a bidding number in order to be able to bid during the auction. The bidding number must be displayed to the auctioneer when bidding and whenever a lot is awarded.

Payment and delivery

Once the auction is finished, and in case of being awarded with a lot, the Sala De Ventas will notify you within 24 hours. Indicating the total amount of the purchase with the room fees and VAT included.

The payment and delivery of the lots must be made, once the auction has finished, within a maximum period of ten calendar days.

Payments may be made through transfer, bank deposit, cash or bank check. Considering the limitation of the cash payments, determined by the current law, at the time of the transaction.

Bank details


Address: 214 Rosselló Street, 08008 Barcelona, Spain.

IBAN (ACCOUNT NUMBER): ES40 2100 2837 2702 10196625



Address: 229 Rosselló Street, Unit 1, 08008 Barcelona, Spain.

If he piece requires it, Sala De Ventas facilitates the obtaining of the necessary permits or licenses.

Some of the works of art included in the catalog may be subject to request an export permit in the case of being transferred abroad.

For exporting outside the European Union, the payment of customs duties is due. In these cases, and if you wish, Sala De Ventas can perform these procedures. All these procedures will start once the purchase invoice has been paid.

The transaction or purchase transactions carried out may be subject to taxation for the transfer of property tax (ITP).

General conditions

By clicking should generate a link to those general conditions of auctions the buyer part or everything in general.

For more information consult the general conditions and the conditions of auction

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