Attendance to an auction?

At SALA DE VENTAS, the auctions are opened to the public: individuals, collectors, gallery owners, antique dealers and professionals from other areas, both national and international, attracted by the auction event and interested in art. Everyone is invited to watch one of our auctions with any obligation.

What kind of objects do we auction?

At SALA DE VENTAS we sell all kinds of artworks, modern jewellery, collectable coins and watches, oriental art, archaeology pieces, photography, drawings, silver, glass works, ceramics, lamps, furniture… anything collectable from any part of the world, including antique, modern and contemporary paintings.

When can I visit the viewing from the next auction?

The viewing of the lots that will be auctioned in our sale room will start 12 days before the date of the sell.

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What should I do to sell an object in Sala de Ventas?

Our experts will examine and evaluate your object(s). After agreeing a starting price with you, we will prepare a contract for the object(s) and from there the lot(s) will be available for Sala de Ventas to be sold in one of our auctions.

How long does it take for an item to be auctioned?

The normal period between the consignment and the appearance of a lot in an auction/sale is approximately between one and three months. This is the required time to make a research, catalogue and photograph an item to an upcoming auction.

How do I know if I won a lot?

The day after the auction SALA DE VENTAS notifies all buyers, sending an invoice via email showing all the details of the transaction: hammer price, buyer’s premium and VAT. If you do not have an email address we will send the invoice through regular post, which might take a few days to arrive. Also, all the bidders may contact us via the telephone number +34 93 667 10 26 and ask for any question.

How long do I have, after the sale , to pay and collect the lots?

The buyers have 10 days after the auction to pay and collect their lots.

When will I receive the invoice?

SALA DE VENTAS will send all invoices via email or regular post in the next day after the sale.

How do I pay for my item after a winning?

All payments must be made within a time limit of 10 days after the date of the auction, through bank account, wire transfer or, in person, with check or credit card. Please find below our bank account information for wire transfers:


Address: 214 Rosselló Street, 08008 Barcelona, Spain.

IBAN (ACCOUNT NUMBER): ES40 2100 2837 2702 10196625



Address: 229 Rosselló Street, Unit 1, 08008 Barcelona, Spain.

Payments with cash are limited to 2.500€ for the clients who have residence in Spain and 15.000€ for non-resident clients, according to the Spanish law 7/2012 from the 29TH of October.

How do I mange shipping of my lots?

Our staff from SALA DE VENTAS will help you managing and organizing the shipping services of your lots. The packaging and shipping costs are on charge of the buyer, as well as insurance costs and any damages that may occur with the lots during the shipping.

If I am not a Spanish resident, do I need a license to export my lots?

Some lots may require an export license to be shipped out of Spain, according to the Laws of Cultural Heritage. SALA DE VENTAS can manage your application for the export license. All the license costs are in charge of the buyers.

After the auction, can I still buy or sell items?

In the next 10 days after the auction we will exhibit the unsold lots and the can be purchased by the starting price plus buyer´s premium and VAT. Also, if they wish, sellers may withdraw their unsold lots one day after the auction.

How long does it take for me to receive the payment from a sold lot?

Payments will be made 30 days after the date of the auction, if the payment of the lot has already been received from the buyer by SALA DE VENTAS, and if shipping has already been made, if necessary.

We always advise our sellers to previously contact our administration department on the telephone number +34 93 667 10 26 or through the email address

What happens if my lot does not sell in the auction? Can I try to sell it again in an upcoming auction?

After the post-sale period of the unsold lots in an auction, which is approximately 10 days, SALA DE VENTAS will study the possibility of trying to sell again a lot in an upcoming auction. If that happens we will contact the seller to agree a new starting price.

What do I have to do to withdraw my unsold item?

The unsold lots in the auction and during the post-sale period must be withdrawn by their owners between 15 days after the last day of the post-sale period. If the owner does not withdraw his lot in this period a storage fee of 5€/day (10€/day for furniture) will be applied.

What is the Copyright?

It is a law that gives the right to authors, dead or alive, to earn a percentage in the transaction of their created works during the next 60 years.

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